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On Education

I believe if we identify best practices and model their application, address the links between family structure and neighborhood safety and school performance, and focus on joys not skills or fun, we can hold schools to high standards and high expectations. These are the keys to a successful school. Schools need the families and communities to reinforce the message.
Successful models exist in the US and elsewhere.

I propose we:

Roll out the Harlem Children’s Zone model across the country.
Roll out the Education First Party’s education reform plan (see below).
Learn from Iceland, Rafe Esquith, and Amy Chua.

My education reforms plan:
a.) Equal schools amendment
b.) Zip code safety gap amendment
c.) Family Structure inequality amendment
d.) National civic literacy curriculum
e.) School Walls project
f.) Academic Idol
g.) Teacher Services academy
h.) baby box starter kit
i.) Neighborhood museums

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