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Education First Party  - Let’s get serious!

1.) Education: we focus on graduation rates whether or not graduates know how to read or write.

2.) Health Care: The real issue is health not health care or health insurance.

3.) Foreign Policy: we like to pretend that you can win at the negotiating table without a willingness to fight. 

4.) Justice: we talk about economic inequality rather than economic opportunity as the issue of our times.

5.) Economy:  we talk about the budget deficit of $600 bn, and the reported debt of $20 trillion but the fiscal gap, the true debt of the United States, that counts all promises made, is $200 trillion.

6.) Climate change: we talk about climate change without talking about nuclear power and carbon taxes.

7.) Taxation without Representation: under our current system, one side with 49% of the vote can get 0 representation in the legislature. Does this make sense?  

Let’s Get Serious!

Vote Education First!

Vote Muresianu For US Senate!


Prudence dictates taking action on climate change now even if the probability is relatively low. Scientific consensus should not be ignored even if consensus is not necessarily correct or is exaggerated for partisan reasons.
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Economic opportunity is the issue of our time. The biggest gap between actual and potential GNP is the low productivity of the bottom 20% of the population. I believe we should focus on the three front educational war to boost the productivity of that bottom 20%
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One hundred and twenty years after Plessey v Ferguson and sixty three years after Brown v. Board., schools in America are very separate and very unequal. In some zip codes in America kids can walk safely to and from school. In others they can not. In most zip codes in America, most children have stable, safe homes. In others not.

This triple tragedy of unsafe streets, second rate schools and unstable homes is a daily but silent and largely ignored Katrina. It is a catastrophe of unrealized potential. Read More

Foreign Policy

The right thing to do at any time and place depends on getting the details right. The lessons of Munich and of Vietnam are both true. No one size fits all solutions. Read More

Health Care

The real issue is health not health care or health insurance.
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We need an end to the well-intentioned war on drugs which has turned many zip codes into battlefields – just as Prohibition did in the 1920s. If there is one lesson of American history it is that Prohibition was a mistake. It took the nation 13 years to reverse its error. The Second Prohibition has ravaged neighborhoods across America and countries around the world for 45 years. How much longer shall we collectively deny the devastating costs of this failed experiment? Read More

Political Process

I believe we should adopt proportional representation, terms limits, and automatic voter registration. Read More

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