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Justice: 6 principles

a.) The first principle of justice is equality before the law. Not one for men, another for women. Not one for black, another for white. Not one for rich, another for poor.

b.) The second principle is proportionality. Guilt or innocence should be proportional to the evidence, not the whim of the judge. Punishment should be proportional to crimes. No slap on the wrist for murder. No capital punishment for petty theft.

c.) The third principle of justice is restraint. The more you criminalize the more criminals you create. In the words of Cicero, the more laws, the less justice.

d.) The fourth principle is timeliness ---
justice delayed is justice denied. For justice to be justice it must be swift and certain.

e.) A fifth principle is the safety net principle –those without the ability to care for themselves, should be cared for by those who can.

f.) A sixth is the starting gate principle. Every child born should be given the opportunity to reach her full potential for joy and productivity.

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